Tips to Decorate Your Home with Canvas Printing

Canvas prints are reproductions of original works that are done on canvas. Earlier it was done by offset printing, but nowadays it is done with the help of inkjet printers and allows a great accuracy. Canvas printing has become a more sought out artwork that is used to decorate one’s home or office. Though it was earlier done by royalty to decorate their homes, presently many are choosing it to decorate their homes or offices, as they have understood the value of it and have started appreciating it. Many cannot afford to buy a painting by Irina March or a Joshua Morton; instead they can approach any canvas printing companies that have artists gathered under one roof, who produce excellent art pieces that stand out in the crowd. Even personal and family photographs can be printed on a canvas.
Canvas Printing hung on a wall

As the canvas print is stretched, it seems to protrude and creates an excellent viewing pleasure and produces an in-depth perception. It is an immense step to renovate an ordinary image into a wall mural or an amazing centrepiece. Choose a canvas print that artistically matches with the existing furniture and wall colour, while enhancing the central features of the printing itself.

Tips to Decorate the Wall with Canvas Printing

• Canvas print should be chosen in such a way that it should complement the room – whether it is living room, bedroom or study room. The size of the room- whether small, medium or large should also be kept in mind while choosing a canvas printing. These clues should be used to conclude if a painting will harmonize with the colour and scale of a room.

• Before choosing the art piece one should understand the difference between the neutral and vibrant colours. Neutral colours like beige, ivory, mellow green, etc. give a calming effect and can be used for a study room, retreat room or a doctor’s office, whereas vibrant colours like orange, blue, green, etc. brings excitement and can be used in a fast-paced office, children’s room or dance studio. So choose the prints according to the needs.

• Landscapes like sunset, sunrise, horizons can be hung in small places as they visually open them up. This makes the small room appear larger and comfortable.

• The canvas print should depend on the size of the wall. Smaller prints for narrow wall and vice versa. A large print on a small wall may be overwhelming and can make the room look smaller. This can be tested using painter tapes or poster boards before deciding on the canvas printing.

• The print should also be chosen based on the furniture to which it is going to be hung next to. The art piece should not be more than 75% of the width of the furniture.

• The print should also be merged depending on the genre of the furniture like formal, modern, casual, traditional etc. For example, flower prints and nature suits a room with casual furniture, and wine art and cuisine prints suits a room with traditional furniture like the kitchen.

Canvas printing can be used to preserve memories like wedding, birthdays, vacation, etc. by printing those perishable photos onto a canvas.